• Billionaires who cheated on their taxes

Billionaires who cheated on their taxes

Who’s more powerful than a billionaire? The tax man, of course, writes Abram Brown on Forbes.com.

That almighty agent of the government added another scalp to his bag last week when Ty Warner, the Beanie Babies baron, plead guilty to tax evasion in a tearful moment inside a downtown Chicago courtroom. Warner agreed to pay $56 million (US$53 million) in civil penalties. He now faces up to five years in jail, his sentencing expected to follow in January.

To be sure, Warner certainly wasn’t the first billionaire in this type of situation. In this gallery you'll find more on the crime and punishment of other artful dodgers.

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Billionaires who cheated on their taxes

A rogues' gallery of super-rich people who sought to evade the tax man.