The most outlandish resume mistakes

Submitting a résumé written in Klingon, or trying to pass your video gaming accomplishments as leadership experience probably won’t land you the job – but it will, however, grab the potential employer’s attention and earn you a spot on a new compilation of hiring managers’ most memorable résumé missteps.

“Every hiring manager has seen a résumé that was a bit ‘out there,’” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at the jobs website “These job seekers are probably trying to be clever and stand out, but it often backfires and that résumé usually goes straight to the ‘no’ pile.”

Harris Interactive conducted a survey on behalf of CareerBuilder among 2,076 hiring managers to unearth 12 of the most eccentric things employers have ever seen on résumés this year.

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The most outlandish resume mistakes

From memorable errors to attempts at cleverness that backfired.