• The 10 best companies to work for in 2013

1. Facebook

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Employee satisfaction rating: 4.6 / 5

What employees think: “The company's leadership truly believes in Facebook's mission to make the world more open and connected. Teams are small and have a lot of autonomy, and it's amazing to see how much of a difference a single person can make at this place.” – Facebook Product Manager (Menlo Park, CA)

“Everyone there has an opportunity to make an impact. Company moves very fast and prides itself on running lean. This means autonomy and opportunity for almost every employee.” – Facebook Sales Director(Menlo Park, CA)

“This is the best place in the world to be. Environment is all about engineers. Benefits, management, direction, culture - all very very positive items about the company.” – Facebook Manager, IT (Menlo Park, CA)

Dec 13, 2012

The 10 best companies to work for in 2013

With their hip cultures, innovative projects, and young talent pool, giant tech companies get a lot of hype as dream places to work.