• First businesses for young entrepreneurs

First businesses for young entrepreneurs

The more I cover entrepreneurs, the more I’m convinced that the general public doesn’t quite understand the mindset distinguishing these creatures from the civilian population. “Oh, they’re such risk takers!” we gush, as if entrepreneurs are simply a little more reckless than the rest of us. But risk, I would argue, is a non-entity to the natural born founder – there is no risk for someone who will never stop trying.

Entrepreneurship is less optimism than obstinacy.

That said, founders don’t just pop out of the ether one day ready to throw their stable lives away for the long shot. They develop, year after year, an unflagging persistence for spotting opportunity and launching lucrative ideas – often in ways that normal people would regard as a bit... unseemly.

With this in mind I decided to reach out to some of the founders I’ve covered, and others I haven’t, to collect tales of their earliest ventures. What I found, in my admittedly tiny sample set, is an uncanny knack for audacious moneymaking schemes, many of which went against social norms if not existing laws. For your edification, and enjoyment, I’ve gathered the four best stories >>

Source: Forbes

Nov 9, 2012

First businesses for young entrepreneurs

Four bold moneymaking schemes that taught young founders the ropes.