• The 10 most influential dead brand ambassadors

The 10 most influential dead brand ambassadors

Just in time for Halloween, Appinions tracked the 10 most influential brand ambassadors ... from beyond the grave.

This list answers the burning question: Who has more commercial influence on Twitter and the blog world, Jesus or Steve Jobs?

Appinions, which recently raised $3 million in funding, uses algorithms developed by Professor Claire Cardie at Cornell over a decade, to measure which individuals' opinions carry the most clout. Appinions digests 100 million opinions from 5 million English-speaking sources (from blogs to Twitter to New York Times articles to speech transcripts to any other written word that appears on the Internet). But it doesn't just measure frequency of mentions. Appinions looks at the context of the opinion and the impact it had on a surrounding audience (in the form of retweets, reblogs, and articles written).

And it turns out that it isn't just the living who rule conversation on the web.

Source: Business Insider

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Nov 1, 2012

The 10 most influential dead brand ambassadors

Who is the more powerful dead brand icon: Jesus or Steve Jobs?