• Meet the cheapest suburb in the country

Meet the cheapest suburb in the country

According to RP Data, Queenstown, located in the western region of Tasmania, has the cheapest property in the nation.

The median house price in Queenstown is $90,732, the only suburb in Australia with a median property value under six figures.

Once the world's richest mining town, the area topped a recent list of the 25 most affordable suburbs nationally.

Founded in the 1800's as a service centre for gold and copper mining operations, Queenstown is better known these days for its tourism, with visitors stopping by to enjoy museums, galleries, scenic drives, fishing and mountain railways. Mount Sedgewick and Mount Owen surround the town.

And while you won't get world class glamour, you can get a good solid home for the price some pay for a car, or a holiday. There are properties for sale as low as 35K, with many in the 60-70K range.

So what do you get for under $100,000. Click through the gallery to see currently available properties.

Oct 31, 2012

Meet the cheapest suburb in the country

Homes under $100K? Land under $10K? Head south to Queenstown, Tasmania, where opportunities abound.