• The world's most expensive divorce settlements

The world's most expensive divorce settlements

In 2012, perhaps the most high-profile divorce announcement was between celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Although Cruise has stated publicly that he is "deeply saddened" by the divorce filing, there may be a silver lining for the Mission Impossible star. With some estimates place Cruise's net worth at upwards of $250 million, he may only stand to lose a small portion of his wealth in the divorce, thanks to a prenuptial agreement.

So, what are the biggest divorce settlements and who has paid the most? There have been several in the past 12 months that have cracked the top list, although they all leave the Cruise-Holmes divorce in their dust, as far as divorce settlements go. Click ahead for the full list.

Source: CNBC.com

Note: figures assume A$1 = US$1

Jul 9, 2012

The world's most expensive divorce settlements

When a marriage goes sour, the process of divorce becomes increasingly more complicated when the couple's net worth is in the stratosphere.