• A large order of unbelievable McDonald's facts

Unbelievable McDonald's facts

Before, during, and after the global recession, McDonald's has been an unstoppable force.

The fast food giant can now be found in 119 countries, where it serves over 75 burgers every second.

And if you don't like burgers, the chain is great at localisation with countless unique items served at around the world, and now it's taking over coffee.

In Australia, the value meal “loose change” initiative helped the brand resuscitate earnings this calendar year, making the region a standout among the US company's global operations.

The local branch of the fast food chain has grown its market share over well-known rivals and recently hit a market share of 50 per cent in New South Wales.

But just how big and far-reaching is the global company? The following facts should blow your mind

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Figures are in US Dollars

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Dec 12, 2012

A large order of unbelievable McDonald's facts

These facts about McDonald's will blow your mind.