Absurdly Expensive Everyday Objects

It seems like we can't go a full day without seeing another headline proclaiming "the most expensive sports bra" or the "most expensive hot dog" has just gone on sale.

More a PR stunt than anything else, many items have just been dipped in gold and then slapped with an outrageously large price tag.

Tired of all the false claims, we set out to find the real products that could claim they were the most expensive in their category. We combed through the Guinness book for some objects that actually did earn the coveted title.

An item can't officially qualify to be the most expensive in its class in the Guinness Book of World Records unless it's been sold, although "a production run of one and a single sale will do," a Guinness rep told the Wall Street Journal.

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Nov 20, 2012

Absurdly expensive everyday objects

Real products that can claim they are the most expensive in their category.