Earthship Home

Location: Columbus, New Mexico USA

Price: US$55,000

Bed: 1 Bath:1 Sq. ft: 200

Claim to Fame: A holdover from hippie culture in a 1970s intentional community.

About: Earthship homes, though a 70s throwback, are still found in all 50 states and internationally, including many in the Southwest like this one. These dwellings were green before most people talked about carbon footprints, constructed from indigenous and recycled materials like tires and cans. They function off the normal grid by catching rain water for drinking and bathing and placing widows, doors and walls for optimal lighting, heating, and cooling.

This earthship home follows the guidelines of architect and pioneer Michael Reynolds and was designed and built by artist Eric Warman, who incorporated unique elements. It is located in the City of the Sun, a community founded in 1971 for people of varying faiths and spiritual paths.

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Photo by Nov 25, 2011

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