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Simon Boulton

Simon Boulton is Director of Aequalis Consulting, a highly respected accounting and finance recruitment practice in Sydney. Simon has more than 13 years of recruitment experience in London and Sydney. He recruited in the financial services markets, with a listed US staffing firm, launching a bespoke banking business in London.

Following this success, Simon moved to Australia in 1999 to launch the US firm's Australian operation, and continued his focus in banking and financial Services, managing and growing both temporary and permanent teams.

Simon then joined an Australian boutique financial services search firm to develop the CFO practice. In 2004 he was approached by a global financial services and capital markets search firm to launch the Australian business with a specific mandate to establish and grow their Asia presence.

In 2008, Simon joined Aequalis Consulting as a Director. At Aequalis, he provides tailored strategies for companies in various industries to attract and retain the most talented professionals in the market, as well as the overall management of Aequalis Consulting.

Simon provides comment regularly in news and trade media, including Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Weekend Australian, Recruitment Extra, HR Daily and Sky Business News.

  • Is your boss a psychopath?

    Just as the common cold may be defined by any number of symptoms - runny nose, sore throat, tickly cough, headache, lack of energy, temperature etc. - so psychopathy is characterised by a variety of different personality traits

    May 15, 2:26 pm
  • Top 10 hiring mistakes

    By being more strategic about recruiting and retention, you can work more effectively to save time and money by recruiting the right person the first time.

    March 16, 12:25 pm
  • How to recover from the setback of a redundancy

    Remember: it's the job, not you, that was made redundant.

    January 13, 11:32 am
  • The new work place currency - A simple Thank You.

    The two most powerful words in any language are “Thank you.”

    September 10, 5:46 pm
  • Reward good employees by removing bad ones

    Whilst we go to great efforts to keep harmony in the work place and reward employees, there is no better reward than removing bad employees.

    July 1, 5:03 pm
  • How to build workplace trust

    How do manager/individuals earn trust from their colleagues to inspire team unity and collaboration that is centered on the fundamental principles of trust?

    January 31, 3:10 pm
  • Return of the living dead

    Are you that zombie on the train, heading day after day to a work place that you simply hate?

    January 10, 3:00 pm
  • What are you waiting for?

    Sometimes waiting is appropriate and wise, at other times it's a cover for fear or self-doubt.

    November 21, 2:25 pm
  • How to find the perfect mentor

    Developing your skills and expertise under the guidance of an expert can help you step up your career.

    August 6, 12:02 pm
  • How to prepare for your next career move

    Many people don’t properly plan their careers and then wonder why the fail to secure pay rises and promotions.

    May 2, 10:39 am
  • How to get promoted

    The biggest misconception about promotions is that they naturally occur with time. It's not enough to think you deserve one, you must understand and clearly demonstrate how you can make a difference.

    March 8, 1:52 pm
  • The F* Word

    A recent survey conducted by Aequalis Consulting shows that one of the most desired work benefits among employees is work place flexibility.

    December 11, 9:41 am
  • How to deal with annoying colleagues

    When you spend more time at work than with your family, it’s important you get along with your colleagues.

    October 17, 11:17 am
  • How to manage change when change is hard

    Both employees and employers don't like change very much and will actively resist it. Here are some tips on how to make change more manageable.

    August 3, 3:23 pm
  • What’s stopping you? Fake it until you make it - the art of self confidence

    Most of us know that the secret to success is confidence. Good looks, intelligence, qualifications, all these help, but with many of the highest of achievers, their greatest asset has been their world class confidence.

    June 28, 12:24 pm

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