Invest your time wisely

April 30, 2013, 3:52 pm Louise Bedford Yahoo7

Your time is limited. Your time is precious. Use your time wisely. Invest your time.

People act like they've got all the time in the world, oblivious to the fact that the hourglass is running out of sand. They waste time when they could educate themselves. They entertain when they should focus.

A recent survey of Americans revealed how they really spend their time online. Here are the results -

  • 2.6% of web use is involved in looking at the news and current events online
  • 35.1% is spent on pornography/adult entertainment and miscellaneous
  • 18% is spent reading blogs, watching fun videos and using social networks
(Source: Nielsen statistics, from TIME Magazine)

Notice how I use the word 'spent' rather than 'invest'. Once that time has gone, it's gone. Whereas, when you choose to invest your time, you multiply your results and buy back years that would have slipped past while you were looking the other way.

People's lives seem to be getting more and more crammed with a lot of ignorance, self-entertainment one way or another, and... well... not much else. Don't let this world-wide trend define THIS month for YOU! You have a choice. Invest your time and reap the benefits. Spend your time and it will be gone forever.

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