Autumn renovation trends

May 29, 2012, 2:13 pm Karina May Yahoo7

A new season always brings new renovation trends, so what’s making waves this Autumn?

As the weather gets cooler and people begin to migrate indoors, many are turning their attention to home renovation projects. In addition to the usual kitchen and bathroom revamps, more renovators are favouring the industrial look – and are looking for creative ways to extend their existing spaces.

Industrial flair

While classic timber floors will always be popular, polished concrete floors are becoming the rage with hundreds of concrete flooring jobs listed on the site this year.

People are slowly discovering that the solution to their unique-but-inexpensive flooring dilemma is right under their noses – or feet! Once they peel back their stained carpet or ripped lino floor, hey presto, they’ve found their answer – in the form of a concrete floor.

With a good polish and a couple of licks of gloss, a restored concrete floor proves that something old can easily be new again. Perhaps this "back to basics" mentality is the reason homeowners are taking to this trend so eagerly. In addition to the instant edginess and inherent urban grittiness a concrete floor brings to a space, it also makes lots of financial sense.

Open plan living

Open plan living has been the “done thing” for a couple of years now. Homeowners are constantly conjuring up different ways of creating a nice flow throughout their home and giving their family some flexibility to move.

You can open up the room by utilising smart kitchen design and knocking down interior walls. An island bench makes the kitchen appear part of the adjoining the living area, while simultaneously defining two distinct work zones – which helps keep your family from tripping over each other.

Another popular way of maximising the amount of available space is to knock out any “unnecessary” internal walls to create one larger room. While in theory this seems like a great renovation move, homeowners are often not aware of the work and cost involved.

Before taking a sledge hammer to your dining room wall, you should consult a builder who will tell you whether or not the wall is load bearing and let you know the best way to tackle it.

If you’re still stuck for renovation ideas, simply jump onto and take a look at the sorts of jobs being done. If everyone else is doing it – you might as well jump on board!

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