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January 6, 2012, 12:23 pm Julia Lee Yahoo7

While defensive strategies could be best until Europe sorts out its problems, investors should be watching for key signals the market is about to rise.

As the new year begins, now is the time to think about strategies you can adopt in 2012 and beyond to help build your wealth through share trading.

I certainly don't have a crystal ball, and I don't know your personal financial situation or goals, so please consider these stocks in light of your own situation or talk to an adviser.

Now, here are my stock tips for 2012. I'm going to focus on the areas of:

  • yield
  • growth and
  • speculative stocks.
What can we learn from 2011?

Last year the market fell by 14.5%. Successful share trading was all about defensive strategies. The winners were telecom and utilities; the highest yielding sectors of the market.

While the European debt worries were, and continue to be, at the forefront of investor's minds, now might be the time to consider high yielding stocks. These stocks will look even more attractive as the Reserve Bank continues to cut interest rates.

So in 2012, if stocks continue to decline, it will be the high yielding stocks which will benefit.

Key signals to keep a watch out for in 2012

While you look for high yielding stocks, make sure you also look for key signals for a point when the market starts to rise. Even with bad news, markets can turn.

The key turning points may be due to more quantitative easing out of the US and Europe, or a longer-term solution for the European debt and banking crisis.

That's when you'll want to switch into growth stocks.

So if stocks start to rise, expect a shift into growth sectors such as materials, energy and industrial stocks.

So what are the high yield picks for 2012?

Australian Infrastructure Fund (AIX)
Around 85% of this transport fund's assets are in airports. Its key airport investments are in Perth, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Darwin, Townsville, Sydney, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. It is looking for an expansion of Perth Airport. It currently has a dividend yield of 5.1%.

Data3 Limited (DTL)
Over the last four years, sales, cashflow and earnings have all increased. Return on equity has been above 40% and overall it looks like a healthy business. The combination of a growing business and high dividend yield should be a winning combination for 2012. It currently has a dividend yield 6.5%.

Tabcorp Holdings (TAH)
In the past year, TAH has seen solid growth across its business. If the company manages to get the Victorian Gaming entitlement in 2013/14, there could be potential capital upside for the stock. With the Star City upgrade completed, casino earnings are now in full gear. The forecasted dividend yield for 2012 is 11.4%.

What about growth stocks for 2012?

Challenger (CGF)
When the going gets tough, investors look for capital protection. Challenger's products are targeted towards those looking for asset protection and income certainty. Challenger has been capturing inflows while other wealth managers have been struggling. The volatile environment has helped to underpin growth in its conservative product offerings. Demographics show baby boomers now starting to retire which will help underpin strong earnings.

iiNet (IIN)
As the third largest internet service provider in the market growing both through acquisitions and organically, iiNet has a competitive advantage in customer service and product innovation. There is a threat of a takeover from TPM but if that occurs, it should be a positive for their share price.

Perseus Mining (PRU)
This dual listed gold exploration and development company has the Edikan gold mine in Ghana and is expected to have cash costs of US$550/oz. With the gold price expected to stay above US$1500/oz in 2012 and full production expected in 2012, this company looks cheap at current levels.

And speculative stocks?

For those of you who like to take trading risks, here are some speculative picks for 2012:

  • Regis Resources (RRL): a gold production and exploration company
  • Acrux (ACR): an Australian drug delivery business and
  • Northern Iron (NFE): an Australian producer of magnetite iron concentrate.
Happy trading!

Julia Lee
Equities Analyst
Bell Direct

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