Don't get stuck in a paradigm of doom and gloom

April 7, 2009, 2:58 pm by John Demartini forloveormoney

Beware of limiting belief systems, because they're usually not true.

When I published a new book some years ago, I was told that the average author sells 10,000 copies, and the publishers take a small profit, stop printing, and go on to the next book. It's called fodder, and I was told that there was little I could do about it. But I said, "Hell, my vision is a lot bigger than that. I will personally buy 10,000 copies and sell them myself."

You'd be surprised at how many people blindly accept beliefs and outcomes. I invested the time and energy, and that book took off. I asked my publishers at the time, "How many TV and radio interviews do you have in mind for the launch?" and they said, "Oh, we could probably get as many as ten and that would be great." That was the limit of their vision, but I did 25 TV shows on satellite to 25 cities in one day. It took four hours in one studio - every ten minutes I did another interview.

Beware of paradigms and limiting belief systems, because they're usually not true.

People told me that the average doctor is highly challenged for six months after graduation, but I received five times the number of patients they projected. That was the paradigm, though, and many of the students who graduated lived that limit.

The impossible is simply another business opportunity means there's a niche that's free and available. No one will compete with you because they think it's impossible!

Start your own paradigm.

The cost may be working with greater intensity than most people would or even could do, but when you decide to do whatever it takes, travel whatever distance, and pay whatever price, you'll reap the results. How inspired and committed are you?

It is not about positive thinking, it is about thinking outside of the box.

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