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Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is the author of over forty books, including the bestseller 'How to make one Hell of a Profit and still get to Heaven', and as a speaker has shared the stage with the likes of Donald Trump, Mark Victor Hansen and Steven Covey.

Speaking over 300 days a year in 50 countries, he is at the forefront of the ever-expanding personal and professional development industry. His programs and books have captured the attention of noted politicians, corporate leaders and respected entrepreneurs from all over the world.

He has been featured on CNN's Larry King Live as an expert in the science of life change and starred in the worldwide phenomena 'The Secret' book and DVD series.

The Demartini Foundation in Southern Africa is collaborating with education organizations to arrange educational opportunities for students in colleges and schools to help inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. These organisations support and ascribe to the 'pay it forward' philosophy whereby individuals selected to attend the program are required to share what they learn with members of their colleges/schools and communities.

For further information please visit www.johndemartini.com

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