Undervalued stock of the week - Austal

December 21, 2012, 3:19 pm John Abernethy Yahoo7

If you are not afraid to take on a little risk, Austal is worth careful consideration.

BEING a value investor often means being brave, going against consensus and, occasionally, taking a little more risk with your cash. This is not always the case – it is often possible to spot undervalued shares with little risk to your capital. But in today´s market, with many shares now fully priced, those in search of substantial returns are being forced to be a little more adventurous. If you are risk averse, read no further. But if you are happy to take a little bit of a gamble, then read on – it may well be worth your while.

Austal Limited (ASB) is an Australian company that designs and manufactures aluminium vessels such as coastal patrol boats and US marine defence ships. It currently has a contract to build nine joint high speed vessels for the US military under a 10-ship, $1.6billion deal. Its product range also includes passenger and vehicle-passenger ferries, and luxury private live-aboards. Austal is also a provider of vessel maintenance and management services.

However it has accumulated significant debt in recent years caused by cost overruns at its US operation and the building of two ships on spec in 2009, just after the financial crisis kicked in. Orders subsequently fell through the floor.

The company has just completed a somewhat controversial capital raising by issuing more shares at a deeply discounted price, diluting the value of the stock for existing investors but raising an extra $86million in the process.

The result is a much lower debt and healthier balance sheet which should enable the company to improve performance going forwards and gives the company much longer to pay its remaining debt down.

Nevertheless, as a result of the capital raising the share price has more than halved since the beginning of November.

This represents a huge discount to book value, but the share price will probably only increase to its full potential if the company manages to sell the two vessels it built “on spec” at prices close to their book value.

Good news emerged last week when the company announced it had sold a third, lower value vessel – a luxury yacht, for an undisclosed sum.

It has also shifted some of its manufacturing operations to the Philippines, making it extra competitive, and is refocusing its strategy on military and border patrol vessels instead of the global ferry market which has yet to see demand recover since the global financial crisis hit in 2009.

These steps, combined with the sale of the unsold vessels, should see financial performance improve significantly next year, although there are of course risks that its strategy will not pay off as planned.

These are the factors investors must weigh up before deciding whether to invest. It is not an easy call, but for anybody who has benefited from a good turnaround story in the past, if the company gets this right, the share price should bounce by a large margin indeed.

This is probably the highest risk stock that I have put before our Yahoo readers to date. But for patient investors with the right risk profile, it may well be worth careful consideration.

Company: Austal Limited (ASB)
Current price: 58c (21st December)
Forecast value: 87c and above ++
Potential upside: 50%

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