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John Abernethy

John Abernethy is the Chief Investment Officer of Clime Investment Management (Clime). John has 30 years experience in funds management and corporate advisory services. His common sense approach to investing and forthright opinion has earned him a loyal following of Investors.

Always happy to offer his thoughts on companies and macro economic issues alike, Johns’ opinion is much sought after. His articles have been published in all of the main Australian press, as well as major online publications and business portals, such as Yahoo7 Finance, Eureka Report and others. John also appears regularly on CNBC and Sky Business News and speaks at a multitude of live events for organisations such as the Australian Shareholders Association, Australian Investors Association, and more.

John oversees the investment team at Clime Asset Management, whose various investment products are ranked amongst the highest performing over the last 1, 3 and 5 years, in the country.

You can find out more, about these services at www.clime.com.au or sign up for a 14 Day FREE TRIAL of the MyClime stock valuation and reporting tool.

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