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Donna Brond

Donna Brond was raised on a farm in Tolmie, in Victoria's High Country. After a disrupted high school education, she attended La Trobe University in Bendigo, studying Chinese, Classical Greek, and philosophy, leaving with a B. Teaching and B. Ed in 2005, after putting herself through University with a variety of jobs, including cleaning, tutoring, and food retail. Disillusioned with teaching, she currently works for Gouge Country Services, one of Central Victoria's biggest industrial laundries, and for Target Australia.

She has previously worked for La Trobe University as a coordinator for their Orientation Week Programme, and in a voluntary capacity as an Open Day Guide and Orientation Week Leader.

While holding no professional qualification in finance, she has a hands-on approach to solving financial problems, and an insider's understanding of how stores manipulate consumers. With a focus on problems faced by lower income earners, she provides strategies and advice that consumers can use to manage their money. Determined to be different, she has read widely on the subject of personal finance, and while holding no finance qualification, seeks to meet people at their level, in plain English, on common financial problems.

Based in Shepparton, in Victoria's Goulburn Valley, she still volunteers as a tutor and also provides practical assistance to new migrants who are seeking employment. When not answering personal finance questions on Yahoo7 Answers, or working in her immense vegetable garden, she is prospecting in Victoria's goldfields. She lives in South Shepparton with her partner and hopes to have her first house paid off within five years.

  • The Bottom?

    Interest rates are at historical lows. Donna Brond suggests you make the most of this opportunity to slash your debt and make a big difference to your financial health.

    July 25, 6:13 pm
  • Christmas: the final countdown

    It's not too late to start your Christmas shopping. There are still bargains out there. Donna Brond shows you how to get more bang for your buck.

    July 25, 5:58 pm
  • Why being a hippie is good for your wallet

    With the cost of living increasing, it may be time you start living like a hippie. There are a lot of financial benefits that can be reaped from living in an environmentally sustainable way.

    July 25, 5:52 pm
  • Taxing times for us all

    To some, it may be their favourite time of the year, but to Donna, the agony of filling out a tax return is something that doesn't excite her. Donna articulates a couple of ways to motivate you during tax time.

    July 1, 12:00 am
  • What Big Business can learn from Small Business

    Telstra has backed down on its surcharge for over the counter bill payments, but is the gesture enough to appease cynical consumers? Donna Brond explains.

    November 5, 12:00 am

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