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October 16, 2012, 11:44 am David Koch Yahoo7

With unemployment rising and many businesses continuing to struggle, how do you ensure you will have a job this time next year?

Last week’s surprise spike in the unemployment rate was yet another reminder of just how tough the job market is at the moment. At 5.4% we’re well below the 25% that some European countries are facing, but it’s still no time to be taking your job for granted.

In fact the increase in joblessness should prompt action to ensure your position at work is secure. Now is the time to make yourself indispensable by learning, increasing awareness of those around you and taking on a bigger role in everything you do.

Here are seven great tips to secure employment that I’ve learnt over my working life.

Get Tech Savvy

I’m a huge fan of new technology. I keep right up to date with the latest gizmo’s that can make my work and leisure life easier, and I expect my staff to do the same.

Whether your boss is as tech happy as me doesn’t matter, you still need to be. Being up to date with the latest business and social friendly technology will make you an even more educated asset to the company and allow you to introduce new avenues of promotion, sales and ways of doing business to the firm.

And that’s the sort of extra mile almost expected of employees in tough times.

Seek Out Responsibility

Volunteer to take on extra roles and responsibilities to increase your value to the business. It might be the difference between you and the next person getting the chop.

That means leading teams and finding initiatives to head up at work, as well as things like sitting on the social committees and any other work related activities you can contribute to.

Taking on more than is asked increases an employee’s value to the company and constantly puts those people in the spotlight too.

Keep An Eye On Costs

If your role has responsibility for a budget, now is the time to work even harder on keeping costs under wraps. If you don’t exercise any influence over expenses, be sure to at least take an active interest in the financial health and success of the business and keep an active eye on where savings or selling might be made.

Get Along With The Gang

Harmonious teams work much better than bickering ones. Management knows this so try to get along with everyone at work. That doesn’t just mean not talking about people behind their backs, but actively engaging with the whole team at work, especially engaging in inter-generational relationships.

Find ways to connect on common ground and respect everyone’s opinions and responsibilities, no matter how irrelevant they may seem. The person who steadies the ship is an important player in a team, just like those that rock the boat are the first to be thrown overboard.

Keep An Ear Out For Others

It’s important to not only prove your worth to the boss but to your colleagues too. Understanding the problems faced by everyone at work, and especially the boss, will ensure you're not part of the problem or adding to it.

It also offers the opportunity to provide a solution to others problems, which is always greatly appreciated. And that's the mark of a great employee, someone that provides answers to problems that aren't theirs.

Be Flexible

Whether that means staying late to meet a deadline, taking on extra work or offering to pinch hit where you’re not obliged to. Whatever flexibility can be added to your role, make sure you're able to offer it.

It might be only rarely called upon, but by demonstrating flexibility you're of significantly greater value to the boss.

Know The Boss

It's important to get to know how the boss operates. It’s as much about building a good relationship as it is ensuring that you don’t get under their skin.

Identify whether they like to be asked questions, want to be kept up to date or just see the end result, like to hear opinion or facts, and if they prefer phone, email or in-person communication.

Operating how the boss operates makes their life as easy as possible and makes you someone they prefer to work with. And that can only be a good thing.

Following these seven tips has helped keep me in gainful employment for the past 30 odd years and there’s no reason they can’t do the same for you too.

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