Click Frenzy: Best deals, participating stores and everything you need to know

November 20, 2012, 1:40 pmYahoo7

Online mega-sale Click Frenzy starts 7pm tonight. A lowdown on the best deals and tips to safe online shopping.

Online mega-sale Click Frenzy starts 7pm tonight. A lowdown on the best deals and tips to safe online shopping.

Australia's Click Frenzy sales starting tonight will provide a multimillion-dollar boost for the nation's retail sector, experts say.

The country's biggest spending spree will see the participating retailers selling heavily discounted items online.

Shoppers can expect to see discounts between 15 and 90 per cent on products from 150 retailers including Clinique, Saba, Dan Murphy’s, Booktopia, Priceline, Surfstich, Bras N Things and The Iconic.

There are also pure online players like, Kogan, The Iconic, Booktopia, and DealsDirect.

Planning to join Click Frenzy? Find out how safe online shopping is

The sale will run for 24 hours and begin at 7pm tonight. The web address will centralise thousands of online deals that shoppers can search through by category, brand or product name.

Local retailers must be hoping they can copy the success of their American counterparts and deliver a much needed boost to the struggling retail sector.

Cyber Monday is the US’s heaviest online sales day, flowing on from the famous Black Friday Thanksgiving Holiday sales in American stores.

Cyber Monday was launched in 2006 and last year some 10 million shoppers spent a combined $US1.25 billion with 700 participating retailers.

For Australian shoppers, Click Frenzy could become the online version of the Boxing Day sales our bricks and mortar stores have been running successfully for many years.

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Click Frenzy organisers are hoping to set an online sales record for Australia and are expecting more than $10 million in deals to be snapped up.

How to get the best Click Frenzy online deal

More than 400,000 people have registered so far for Australia's first nationwide online sale and while shoppers will be able to register throughout the 24-hour event, a Click Frenzy spokesperson said it advised customers to register ahead of time "so they can be the first through the virtual doors at 7pm".

The secrets of online shopping

- Have your shopping list ready – whether it's a Christmas present or a birthday surprise for a loved one, head straight to it rather than getting lost in the frenzy.

- Plan it: will you be shopping by brand, product category or just browsing through all the offers? Time your browsing period accordingly

Safe online shopping tips

Dr Sean Sands, from Monash University's Australian Centre for Retail Studies says the occasion will be worth "many, many millions" to the companies involved.

"I think there's been 20,000 to 30,000 people registering per day over the last week or so, so it's going to be a pretty big deal for retailers," he told AAP.

But with so many people expected to pile online at 7pm, there are concerns about the retailers' servers and access to some sites - particularly for mobile and tablet users.

"It's a bit of an unknown factor at the moment and a lot depends on how many people actually take part," Dr Sands added.

He said some of the retailers did not have mobile-specific websites, so some shoppers might not be able to see their offers.

In a message posted on the Click Frenzy website, organisers acknowledged that the site's servers could crash.

"We have taken every precaution to ensure our servers will not go down, and we have advised our retailers of the traffic volumes they should expect," it said.

Internet security software firm Bitdefender has warned Click Frenzy shoppers that con artists may try to take advantage by setting up fake websites or stealing credit card details.

The firm urged shoppers to avoid making purchases while connected to unprotected wi-fi networks and to avoid spoof websites.

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Click Frenzy has also said it will not take responsibility for the delivery, refunds or returns of any items sold during the event.

"Again all of the logistics and delivery is dependent on what the retailers offer but there's still plenty of time before the Christmas period," the spokesperson said.

- Don’t shop from a public computer like one at work, school or other cyber cafes - basically don’t go shopping from any computer that’s not under your complete control.

- Don’t use an unprotected Wi-Fi network.

- Beware malware, run a full anti-virus scan and use a secure browser.

- Spam alert: If an offer on an advert sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Others tapping in

High-profile retailers who are not participating in the event have also started launching their own rival sales.

Department store David Jones launched the most obvious competition to Click Frenzy today – an event called Christmas Frenzy.

The day-long sale, available in stores until 10 pm and online until midnight, includes savings of 30 per cent on all manchester and some women's shoes, 25 per cent off Christmas items and 20 per cent off toys.

Other websites are also offering extra special deals, Today Tonight reported last night.

Until Wednesday on Appliances Online, you can save $300 on a Samsung front load washing machine; there is a $450 saving to be made on a Fisher and Paykel fridge; and if you're after a new plasma TV, you can save $200 on a 51-inch Samsung.

Catch of the Day is also offering flash sales that started 11 am today. Every 30 minutes a new deal will be offered, and founder Gaby Leibovich claims you can find presents for just $1. The last flash sale saw over 1.5 million customers take part.

The Home will be offer savings of up to 70 per cent, and for Today Tonight viewers an additional $10 off any purchase.

How safe is online shopping?

Buying online can still be a little scary.

Typing out your precious credit card numbers and sending it off into cyberspace. Who knows what evil hackers are out there ready to catch your personal digits. Shops on the 'net are popping up all over the place and often the best deals around can be found online.

But how can we combat virtual credit card snatchers and buy online with peace of mind.

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How to get rich online

To cash in online you need to be a game-changer. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, there was nothing like it. He is now worth $17.5 billion according to recent Forbes valuations.

Drew Houston saw money to be made in online storage, and co-founded Dropbox, the web-based tool that hit $240 million in revenue in 2011. Eric Lefkofsky spotted the potential in Groupon and gave $1 million to CEO and founder Andrew Mason.

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