21-bedroom luxury UK mansion is same price as a Sydney flat

April 3, 2013, 12:18 pmYahoo7

It's not a property pipe-dream but a reality.

How much house can $1 million buy you in a major Australian city like Sydney? Depending on where you are looking, it could be a one-bedroom luxury flat in the heart of Sydney or a three or four-bedroom home in the suburbs.

Now imagine paying $940,000 for a 21-room mansion sitting on six acres of lush countryside!

It's not a property pipe-dream but a reality in the UK where an 18th century mansion is on the market for the same price as an apartment in the heart of Sydney (as listed by price on realestate.com.au).

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According to reports published in UK's The Daily Mail, Cilwendeg House is in North Pembrokeshire, just a few miles from Prince Charles’ country retreat which is used as a guest house when he's not in residence.

As well as the huge number of bedrooms, the house boasts of four large reception rooms, two matching conservatories, offices and servants’ quarters and has hit the market at a cut-price £650,000.

It was built in the 1780s by the son of a wealthy lawyer and was bought by Pembrokeshire Council in 1952 and used as a retirement home until it closed in 2010.

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According to the description by the estate agent, the mansion has "splendid Doric and Ionic columns, ornate window surrounds, quoins and a host of other architectural features which create a magnificent impression”.

A one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Sydney on sale for offers over $920,000. Photo courtesy: realestate.com.au

The Daily Mail quotes the agent Anthony Clay as saying, "It is a really, really good price for the right person. It may not have sold due to worries over a possible mansion tax, which may or may not come into force in the future."

Agents share their favourite properties. Photo: Realestate.com.au

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