Is this Australia's most wanted property?

December 3, 2012, 10:27 amYahoo7

A property in one of Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs has sold three times in the past 8 weeks.

After finding 3 different buyers in just 2 months, the home in Seaford may just be one of the Melbourne's most sought after properties.

Located 36km southeast of Melbourne, in one of the city’s most affordable suburbs, the 3 bedroom home was first sold on September 21.

When the initial buyer’s finance approval fell through, the Stawell St property went back on the market.

"After the first one I thought `woo, we've sold it' and the next day we got a phone call saying it's fallen through,'' Michelle Meredith the home’s seller told the Herald Sun.

Mrs Meredith said that after the first sale collapsed she didn’t get her hopes up when the second buyer came along a month after the first sale had fallen though.

When the second buyer’s ran into trouble with their finances, the property went back on the market for the third time.

Listed on with an asking price of over $275,000 the property is described as “a bright, modern, neat-as-pin villa with a sunny open-plan layout that provides the easy-living lifestyle we crave”.

In a third time lucky scenario another buyer stepped forward early in November with an offer and with their finances clearing last week the property reached settlement last Friday.

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Understandably relieved her property had finally sold, Mr Meredith admitted the eventual buyer may have got a bit of a bargain.

"I actually think they've got a bargain, the rates notice said it was worth $310,000 and they got it for less than $300,000,'' Mrs Meredith told the Herald Sun.

"It had sold at a higher rate in the previous sale, but only about $5,000 different, so it's not the end of the world."

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