The robots are coming for your job in 2040: report

April 22, 2014, 11:42 amYahoo7

A new study has painted a gloomy picture of careers in less than thirty years.

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In less than thirty years, you'll be fighting with droids for a job – and considering bionic implants to keep up, according to a new study.

By 2040, call centres will be run by smart robots and cabs will be self-driven, futurologists commissioned by global job search website Xpatjobs claim.

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The competition will lead to lower job security and higher working hours, with the current 37.45 hour working week forecast to increase to 50.5 hours.

Free time isn't the only thing that will go down the drain: workers will also have weaker eyes (from squinting at screens), bigger waistlines (due to a lack of exercise) and smaller genitals (a result of less time for sex).

The researchers say more and more workers will become jacks-of-all-trades, taking on a variety of jobs for employers all over the world from home. The main hours of work will likely reflect timezones in the US, China and India as those economies continue to rise.

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On the other hand, science may be able to offer implants to enhance brainpower, stamina and performance. Implants in fingers or ears could enhance security procedures and eliminate smartphones.

The study says that those who take risks and innovate with their bodies will be the biggest earners in 2040, a time when job listings will contain roles unheard of today. Industries such as software, robotics and aged care are all forecast to boom.

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"People will be surprised how fast things will change," says Rhys Maddocks, director of Xpatjobs.

However, robots won't be able to do everything: "There will always be entrepreneurial thinking that sees a use of real human interaction and jobs that require ideas, complex problem-solving and the caring touch can't be partly or wholly replaced by machines."

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  1. The The10:18am Monday 28th April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    What morons don't think that technology to free mankind hasn't been invented yet when we can put rockets/satellites into space etc Mankind are the slaves of an alien race of people - of the fallen ones - whose agenda is to get their master back into the heavens to try and take the throne of the Most High! They are funded by your taxes and facilitated by your labour. Their are people who are blindly facilitating this agenda and there are those that are 'knowingly' facilitating it! Your military, UN, police forces will be the ones who will fight the war against the Messiah, and leading up to this Armageddon, will be prepped to demonize, take captive and kill his 'elect' whom are the tribal people of this world! The Black races will be presented as the 'threat' and when those who are asleep and blinded to the deception see a black man on a white horse breaking through the clouds to redeem his people at the hands of the real 'Alien' race, will rise to fight him! These technologies being promoted of micro-chipping and biotech implants, are echoing the 'mark of the beast' of Bible prophecy! YOUR CHURCHES ARE KEEPING YOU ASLEEP!! They are harlots of the #$%$ of Babylon' - The Roman Catholic Church! WAKE UP!

  2. Flash03:22pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    yes its bound to happen eventually as science and technology are advancing rapidly. However everything has a weak point and they will rely on some form of energy to function. Thus if you kill the source you kill the robot,but would that mean murder? Would you be arrested by another robot? Would you be tried and convicted by robot judge and jury? Would you be incarcerated for life or executed by another robot?Would people become slaves of robots?What will happen to humanity,will we cease to exist?Who's in favour of a cull on robots? Want to join my Army?

  3. Noel02:47pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Work is for slaves. Bring on the robots.

  4. Rusky02:31pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Will they work until they're 70 Mr Hockey?

  5. mayapan194202:06pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Over that time to 2050, the number of people able to work will gradually reduce to between 40-50% of the working population. At present, around 65% of people who can work are at work. A drop of 20% is catastrophic and will result in massive social unrest. Despite - and indeed because of - the benefits of creative technology now and to come, the future of humanity is definitely bleak. Our grandchildren will reap the full rewards and pain. Some form of that scenario is certain because the robotics revolution, which began in 1961 (in Detroit where the first car was made with automated tools), is unstoppable. So, enjoy life without pervasive robotics while you can. The only bright aspect is this: the perfect android (a humanoid robot that is indistinguishable from a human) is still a long, long way off - probably not until sometime next century.

  6. Marcus402:04pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Ar Business. One moment the pollies and all those business marketing chiefs (the ones who constantly say cut wages except for themselves) are saying work till your 70 or plus. What about the young and older unemployed now and the future? The cheek they still expect the population to consume even when less are earning adequate incomes or none at all. Yes, robots, inplants etc. what a bright future. Less freedom more problems, those gloomy science fiction scenarios in films are looking more real every passing year.

  7. MB01:55pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    What a world it will be .... all the robots coming home after work and sitting down to watch "Game of clones", "Dancing with the Bots" and "Terminator Hot Seat" complete with an Eddie McGuire simulacrum responding to wrong answers with a hearty "You're Terminated Sucker!" ............. Yes, I can see clearly that this truly is the next stage in the development of intelligence on this planet...

  8. Steve g01:39pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Love to see you argue your access baggage with one of these dudes lol...exterminate exterminate !!!

  9. Kent Smidgley01:25pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    It may be necessary to euthanase the surplus population. Robots will need to be reengineered so they can consume as well as produce, otherwise their products will fall off the production lines unused. Just imagine, a consumer who is programmed to consume. No need for advertising or marketing. Also a consumer that produces no waste. Very environmentally friendly. The possibilities for humanity are endless, except that humanity will cease to exist. We may need to consider "Cat's revenge: More than 101 uses for dead people" by Philip Lief for some useful suggestions.

  10. Sandy12:58pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Great. It's already too hard to have face to face business done. Can't pay your bills by going to an office with cash. Insurance, electricity etc take your card number. I used to love going around paying bills. It kept us social, and gave us excercise, Now it's all done by phone. I dread the day I can't go grocery shopping and run into people I know for a chat, Smiles from the check out operators too.


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