The robots are coming for your job in 2040: report

April 22, 2014, 11:42 amYahoo7

A new study has painted a gloomy picture of careers in less than thirty years.

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In less than thirty years, you'll be fighting with droids for a job – and considering bionic implants to keep up, according to a new study.

By 2040, call centres will be run by smart robots and cabs will be self-driven, futurologists commissioned by global job search website Xpatjobs claim.

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The competition will lead to lower job security and higher working hours, with the current 37.45 hour working week forecast to increase to 50.5 hours.

Free time isn't the only thing that will go down the drain: workers will also have weaker eyes (from squinting at screens), bigger waistlines (due to a lack of exercise) and smaller genitals (a result of less time for sex).

The researchers say more and more workers will become jacks-of-all-trades, taking on a variety of jobs for employers all over the world from home. The main hours of work will likely reflect timezones in the US, China and India as those economies continue to rise.

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On the other hand, science may be able to offer implants to enhance brainpower, stamina and performance. Implants in fingers or ears could enhance security procedures and eliminate smartphones.

The study says that those who take risks and innovate with their bodies will be the biggest earners in 2040, a time when job listings will contain roles unheard of today. Industries such as software, robotics and aged care are all forecast to boom.

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"People will be surprised how fast things will change," says Rhys Maddocks, director of Xpatjobs.

However, robots won't be able to do everything: "There will always be entrepreneurial thinking that sees a use of real human interaction and jobs that require ideas, complex problem-solving and the caring touch can't be partly or wholly replaced by machines."

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