Careers website offers advice on becoming a stripper

June 27, 2013, 4:03 pmYahoo7

Advice included tips to earn $79,000 a year working in a strip club and accompanying clients to events and holidays.

A Welsh government-backed careers website is facing probe after offering advice on how to work in the sex industry, become a stripper and run an escort agency.

Tips offered by the Business Wales website - backed by the Welsh Government – include earning $79,000 a year working in a strip club and accompanying clients to events and holidays.

While the adverts did mention that it was an offence for an agency to ‘incite escorts to act as prostitutes’, the guide offered links to websites offering ‘transsexual post-operation and submissive escorts’.

Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones has launched an investigation into the appearance of the adverts on the site after it was raised in the Welsh Assembly.

"I'm certainly not a prude, but it is hard to understand how the Welsh Government can believe it is acceptable to provide information to help women become strippers or run a lap dancing club, which is classed as a sex establishment. While jobs are difficult to find and money is tight, should the Welsh Government be effectively facilitating these activities by putting information on their website?” a First Minister in the Welsh House said.

The website advised users interested in setting up an escort agency that clients typically include single businessmen and women who hire an escort to "accompany" them.

"Escort agencies usually have several escorts on their books. Agencies charge escorts an 'introduction fee' of between 25% and 55% of what the client pays to the escort," the factsheet said.

The sections about stripping, lap dancing and escort agencies were removed from the site after the issue was raised.

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