The ATM that makes you squat for cash

March 25, 2014, 10:37 amYahoo7

Cashpoint sits just 15 inches off the ground.

Photo: SWNS

At just 15 inches off the ground, this cash dispenser is so low that even the wheelchair users it was meant for can't quite reach the buttons.

People have been pictured bending, kneeling and squatting in order to use the Sainsbury's Bank ATM, which could be the lowest cash machine in Britain.

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Musician Steve Drury, who was touring with his band, posted a photo of the absurd-looking cashpoint on Facebook.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It was just so low to the ground and a man using it was squatting to try to get his money out."

"The poor guy must have done his back in."

Photo: SWNS

A spokesman for wheelchair retailer World of Mobility says a cashpoint for wheelchair users should be set at a height of about 40 inches.

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"Our wheelchairs are 30 inches up from the ground to the seat. That means the cash point would need to be at least 30 inches up, plus another 10 inches for someone to be able to reach the keys."

Sainsbury's claims the ATM's odd position is due to the fact that it is located on a hill.

"We have never had any customer complaints about this but we are looking at solutions to relocate it," the company said.

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