Woman sues bank for declaring her dead

February 10, 2014, 3:57 pmYahoo7

Kimberly Haman's repeated calls to assure Heartland Bank that she is, in fact, alive have failed to yield results.

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US resident Kimberly Haman, 46, was shocked to discover that her bank mistakenly declared her dead almost a year ago.

She claims that she made multiple complaints, but failed to make any progress with the institution.

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"She's contacting them, and saying, 'Excuse me, I'm not dead.' And even through that process, they continue to report her as deceased," her lawyer, Sylvia Goldsmith, was quoted as saying in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Haman has filed a lawsuit in US federal court against Heartland Bank and credit bureau Equifax, which passed on word of her "deceased" status.

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Due to the mistake, Haman, a financial services supervisor, has been blocked from refinancing her mortgage and acquiring a new credit card.

"At this point (Haman) is at a complete loss as to what else she can do. The entire experience has imposed upon (Haman) significant distrust, frustration and distress, and has rendered Plaintiff hopeless as to her ability to regain her good name and the credit rating that she deserves and has worked heard to earn," the lawsuit alleges.

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