What's new on Yahoo7 Finance

November 22, 2012, 12:09 pmYahoo7

Australia's no.1 Finance website just got more exciting with a bunch of new and interactive features.

Find below some of the added attractions that will make your experience on Yahoo7 Finance more seamless, engaging and fun.

1. Yahoo7 Finance on mobile and tablet: Never lose track of breaking business news, latest stock info and crucial market updates with our new frontpage for smartphones and tablets.

Optimised for all the latest devices, our new mobile site offers a seamless experience so you don't need to use different links for desktop and mobiles.

Just go to http://au.finance.yahoo.com on your device and start surfing. Easy!

Catch up on all the news on your smartphone and watch the latest finance videos

Smooth navigation on a tablet-optimised page

2. Social bar: Ever wondered what your Facebook friends are reading? Or if someone from within your network shares the same interests as you?

Well hello Social Bar! This app allows you to link your Facebook account to Yahoo! so you can discover new and interesting content from across our wide, international network.

Simply log onto your Facebook account using the social bar add-on on top of our news article pages to start the experience.

Once logged in, just mouse over on a friend’s photo on the Social Bar to check out what they are reading. Learn more about Social Bar in this video

How it works

- See what your friends are reading on Yahoo! Let them see what you're reading. Discuss...

- Discover articles you might have missed. Let your friends be your guide

- You control what you share. Turn on. Turn off. Delete articles any time.

Learn more about Social Bar in this video

3. Buzzworthy today: A nifty new module to our frontpage that features some of our premium content.

Find expert tips on your personal finances, opinions on the latest events and video reports from the best in business.

If it's buzz worthy, you’ll find it here.

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