Bank sends offensive offer to customer

February 7, 2014, 2:19 pmYahoo7

A letter from the bank arrived addressed to 'Lisa Is A Sl*t McIntire'.

Source: @LisaMcIntire/Twitter

Freelance writer Lisa McIntire's mother found a shocking surprise in her mail when she received a credit card offer from Bank of America.

The letter was addressed to "Lisa is a Slut McIntire".

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Gawker reports that McIntire's mother contacted her daughter, sending a series of photos.

McIntire, a feminist writer, shared the photos on Twitter.

Source: @LisaMcIntire/Twitter

Source: @LisaMcIntire/Twitter

Source: @LisaMcIntire/Twitter

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McIntire told the Daily Intelligencer that the missive "initially made me nervous because I'm a feminist writer on the internet, but I don't think it's personal."

She also said she didn't personally know anyone who worked at Bank of America.

Both the bank and Golden Key, the honour society partnered with the bank, replied apologetically to McIntire's tweet with promises to investigate the situation.

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Golden Key eventually issued an apology stating that the error happened on their end:

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  1. E09:23pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    This is just a case of a malicious person submitting false details via the bank's partner. I'd bet on a disgruntled reader.

  2. Wayne09:03pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    I have been subject to either a smart #$%$ bank employee or a dumb system error - after the bank refused my application for a credit card (due to my having being guarantor for a poorly performing loan, even though it had been finalised to the bank's satisfaction) some clever #$%$ sent me an application form for the same product.

  3. BigTone06:57pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    How can you sue for defamation of character? This was a privately addressed letter contained within a paper envelope. If I am right it only became public attention by the McIntire's.

  4. Sean05:35pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    UMZ59 thats exactly what first came to my mind, I think its just another self staged attempt at attention seeking and the media drones and the mindless twits on twitter lap it up... Im assuming that she is just about to release a book about the horrid patriarchy or some bull and hoping this will generate some "buzz".

  5. Umz5904:58pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Ah yes, the Twitteratti..note on the envelope the word AUTO. Many of these applications are automated. YOU or someone with sufficient knowledge of you, can apply by putting in the details. Funny how she is a "feminist writer" and the offending line is "I am a #$%$". I await the results of the investigation, don't forget to twitter them.

  6. teandbikkies04:47pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Now that they have put it all over the internet her name is now linked to that word.

  7. notamews04:23pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Someone has to key this into the computer in the first place. From there on in it becomes generated automatically. Does she know anyone who works for the Golden Key. Irate ex-girlfriend of a boyfriend maybe?n

  8. David04:05pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Maybe somebody at the Bank did know her !!

  9. paul02:47pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    well if they cant prove your a #$%$, then its a lawsuit for defamation of charachter..chaching

  10. The Skud02:38pm Friday 07th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    I would suggest an offer of "interest-free" or "valued gift card" woud be in order.


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