Company doles out $1.9 billion of $2.4 billion profits to employees

Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider

January 23, 2013, 10:11 amYahoo7

Now that's one generous employer!

Huawei CFO Cathy Meng presents the company's results in Beijing.

Huawei , a competitor to Cisco in the routers business and Samsung in the handset business, had an excellent 2012.

Profits rose 33 per cent to 15.4 billion yuan, about $2.4 billion, according to's English language site.

And now, 81 per cent of that money is going to employees.

The company just announced it will pay $1.9 billion in bonuses to many of its 150,000 employees.

That averages out to $12,000 per employee, but most of the money will go to "level 3" executives and higher.

Are these the world's most generous bosses? Photo: AAP

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