The Mark Zuckerberg you probably didn't know

June 1, 2012, 9:59 amYahoo7

A collection of quirky facts about the Facebook CEO as reported in the media around the world.

Facebook's falling shares seem to have taken some shine off the public image of its CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

He has slipped off the top 40 billionaire list and has now sparked a furore after reportedly failing to tip at a restaurant in Rome where he’s honeymooning with his new wife Priscilla Chan.

According to UK's Daily Telegraph, Zuckerberg and Chan enjoyed a lunch of deep-fried artichokes, fried pumpkin flowers and ravioli stuffed with sea bass and artichokes but walked away without tipping on their $41 (32 euros) bill.

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Italian publication Corriere della Sera reported the couple thought the meal was "very good" and opted for a bottle of water and a pot of tea. However, they reportedly failed to acknowledge the services of the waiter.

The incident has sparked criticism for what many are calling “unlike a billionaire” behaviour.
While these reports have put Zuckerberg under intense public scrutiny, there are a few lesser known and surprising facts about the hoodie-wearing CEO.

Following is a collection of few such quirky facts as reported in the media around the world.

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1. Zuckerberg is colour-blind: The New Yorker reported this for the first time in 2010 while profiling Mark Zuckerberg. According to the report, Facebook has a blue colour theme as Zuckerberg has a red-green colour blindness and can see blue the best.

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2. He voiced on The Simpsons: An episode The Simpsons titled "Loan-a Lisa" featured the Facebook CEO who voiced himself. The episode was first aired on October 3, 2010 and shows Zuckerberg telling Lisa Simpson and her friend that she does not need to be a college graduate to be wildly successful and gives Bill Gates and Richard Branson as examples.

3. He enjoyed SNL lampooning him: On October 9, 2010, Saturday Night Live subjected Zuckerberg and Facebook to a mild ridicule that saw Andy Samberg playing the Facebook CEO. Zuckerberg was reported to have been amused. "I thought this was funny,” he said.

4. He’s won a "Medal of Fear": Satirist Stephen Colbert awarded Zuckerberg a "Medal of Fear" at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30, 2010 "because he values his privacy much more than he values yours".

5. He apparently struggles to use the ATM: The newlywed billionaire has been filmed struggling to use an ATM while on his honeymoon in Italy. Zuckerberg was filmed by Italian television station Repubblica TV struggling to work the machine and then walking off in bewilderment.

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6. His dog walked his bride down the aisle: If you haven’t noticed Zuckerberg's Timeline cover already, Beast Zuckerberg is the Hungarian sheepdog that has made countless appearances on his master’s Facebook page. He even has his own page that says he likes “cuddling and herding things”. The Washington Post reports he even walked Priscilla Chan down the aisle!

7. His taste in music: Zuckerberg is apparently of Taylor Swift, Shakira and Lady Gaga. Or so says his Facebook profile.

8. His business card: reports Zuckerberg once had a business card that read “I’m a CEO…b***h”. The same website says he can read and write in five languages.

9. He has many nicknames: The Facebook CEO may be Mark Zuckerberg to the world but to friends he’s just Zuck – as is his Facebook link. According to a 2010 report from CNN, his mom has her own special name for him: Princely. The same report quotes his Harvard classmate Rebecca Davis O’Brien as saying that Zuckerberg’s nickname after joining his fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi was “Slayer”.

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