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Power and Water Corporation provides customers in the Northern Territory with electricity, water and sewerage services. These services are delivered to homes and businesses in metropolitan, regional and remote areas. As well as being the Northern Territory's main electricity supplier, they also generate electricity through gas, diesel, solar and combined technologies.

Power and Water is one of the largest businesses in the Northern Territory, with assets in excess of $1.2 billion and 750 employees. They held the monopoly over electricity supply in the Northern Territory until 2000 when the government opened the market to competition through the Electricity Reform Act 2000. Under the new system, Power and Water obtained licenses from the Northern Territory Utilities Commission to generate, distribute and supply electricity in the Northern Territory. Despite deregulation, Power and Water Corporation remains the only supplier of electricity that services the majority of people living in the Northern Territory.

Power and Water was already one of Australia's least polluting electricity generators, thanks to its reliance on natural gas. However, Power and Water is now looking to move into cleaner sources of fuel that are non-carbon emitting, predominantly solar and biomass. A number of projects are novel in their attempt to attempts to use renewable energy in remote locations where transport and storage costs for diesel are very difficult and expensive to coordinate. These projects are administered by the Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines (DPIFM) and jointly funded by both Power and Water and the Australian Greenhouse Office's (AGO) Renewable Energy Rebate Program.

Due to the small population and wide expanse of the Northern Territory, Power and Water Corporation has some very isolated customers. They provide electricity, water and sewerage services to 80 remote Aboriginal communities throughout the territory, in arid and tropical areas.

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