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Moving house can be a stressful experience. With so many things to think about it’s easy to forget about the regular home services you receive which you’ll need to cancel or take with you to your new home, and you need to organise these changes well in advance of your move date.

These might be services such as; gas, electricity, water, internet connection, home phone line, pay tv subscription, gardener, cleaner and pool cleaner.

Before leaving your old home

Before moving into your new home you need to ensure that all your essential services are connected.

If you are moving into a newly constructed home you need to ensure that your gas and electricity meters and supply have been installed and connected to the mains before requesting a connection. If you are not connected to the mains you usually need to provide at least 1 month's notice prior to moving in to allow sufficient time for new meters to be installed and connected to the mains supply.

Whether you are moving within the state or interstate, it’s wise to do some research. Compare gas and electricity prices at your new address to get an estimate of how much you can expect to pay for your utilities at your new residence.

To do this simply put your new post code into our search box and make some simple choices to find the plan that best suits your needs, and then, where you have selected one of our partner retailer’s plans, complete the online application form and Switchwise will arrange your new electricity and/or gas connections for you, making sure to tell us your preferred move-in date. They require up to 5 days notice to set up connections for you, and note that connections cannot be done on weekends or public holidays.

After the connection has been arranged, call your old service providers to confirm the finalising of your old contract. Some providers require up to 30 days prior notice before a move to settle up the last bill.

You can also shop around on Moneyhound to compare broadband internet plans if you are interested in finding a cheaper broadband plan, or bundle your broadband package in with your new home phone line.

When you move

Moving day arrangements differ by state.

In most states the electricity is disconnected when someone moves out, so it is not a meter reading but an actual connection that takes place. For connections the main switch needs to be off and a technician comes out and inserts a fuse to reconnect. In QLD an appointment needs to be made for a technician to attend and reconnect.

In other states your new energy provider will arrange for the meter in your new home to be read on the day you move in (provided you have given sufficient notice). Note that your local electricity distributor (and gas distributor if you have mains gas) will usually charge a fee for the final meter read at your old property and a fee for the initial meter read at your new property. These charges are passed on by your electricity company and gas company and will appear on your first bill; they are usually called "connection fees".

Although your meters in your new and old homes will be read by your suppliers technicians, we also recommend that on the day you move into your new home you write down your gas and electricity meter readings (both for your new home and the home you have left) and to check these against the final bill for your previous home and the first bill for your new home. This will ensure that you don't get billed for someone else's energy use.

It is recommended that the disconnection of your old property be organised for the day after you will last need power, and the technician reading or connecting the new meter comes the day before you need power in your new home.

Last minute tip: redirect your mail

One thing that will save you a whole lot of time and stress is a mail redirect service that is offered by Australia Post. For a flat fee (around $100 or less) Australia Post can redirect any mail that is addressed to your old home, and send it to your new home instead. That way you don’t have to stress about changing your address with multiple service providers all at the same time. Over the following 12 months, as and when you receive redirected mail you can call each sender in turn when you find the time to do so. It also means you won’t miss any important mail like that annual dividend cheque, or a forgotten parking ticket! Apply online to redirect or hold mail with Australia Post.

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