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Since the start of this century many State and Territory Governments have been opening up energy markets to competition to provide consumers and businesses in Australia with a choice of energy providers. Full Retail Competition has meant that many Australians are no longer tied to one supplier and as a result are able to enjoy benefits such as cheaper prices, better service and a wider selection of products.

Changes to the ownership of the gas pipeline infrastructure as well as subsequent regulatory modifications since the 1990's have seen the break-up of individual gas suppliers into separate gas transmission and distribution companies, many of which are now privately owned.

To ensure monopolies did not develop and that gas competition and pricing remained fair, the Government introduced regulations allowing third party access to pipelines. More recently, under reforms agreed to in the Australian Energy Market Agreement 2004 (amended 2006) the current Gas Law and Gas Code is to be replaced with the National Gas Law and National Gas Rules which require the owners of covered pipelines to submit access arrangements to the regulator for approval. All these measures help ensure that the supply of gas to Australian households by the various providers remains price competitive and fair.

When it comes to your gas supply, you have a choice. If you live in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA or ACT you can compare a range of offers from different gas suppliers with little effort.

Compare gas suppliers

Moneyhound helps you save money on your monthly bills by helping you quickly and easily compare gas providers and plans available in your area. Thanks to our partnership with Switchwise, you can quickly search, compare, and find a range of available options and plans.

Just enter your postcode into our search box and answer a few simple questions about your gas consumption, and Moneyhound will find a range of plans, tariffs and potential savings available to you.

Select the plan that best suits, and where applicable just complete our simple online application form. In many cases Switchwise can take care of the rest; including all the paperwork required to switch providers, and they’ll also contact your chosen supplier and ask them to arrange for your account to be transferred from your current provider.

Applying to switch gas companies is quick, easy and painless.

See if you can save on your gas bills today.

Uses for Gas

Natural gas has many applications in the home and business sectors of the Australian economy. Gas is useful in the home because it is a source of cheap energy for cooking, hot water and heating. Business use involves all sectors from restaurants and cafes through to hotels and schools. Natural gas is also used by a growing number of power stations to generate electricity as a clean and inexpensive alternative to coal. Compressed natural gas is increasingly being used for transport, mainly in buses.

Advantages over coal

One of the key advantages of natural gas is that it pollutes less than other hydrocarbon energy sources. The burning of natural gas still releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but compared to coal and oil the amount of carbon dioxide released is significantly less and thus natural gas has an environmental advantage by up to 65 percent. It is also thus becoming an increasingly viable alternative for electricity generation and transportation. Gas fired electricity turbines are also far more efficient than coal fired turbines.

In addition to its environmental benefits, natural gas is also the energy of choice for your home. Running your heating, hot water and oven & stove on natural gas is usually cheaper than electricity due to both its generally lower prices and higher efficiency.

Switching explained

Unless you are moving house, your switch will take place following your next scheduled gas meter read, which is usually performed each quarter. This means that it could take up to three months to switch to your new supplier and have them take over responsibility for issuing your gas bills.
So what actually happens when you switch suppliers?

Once you have compared and selected a new energy supplier, switching suppliers only means that you are changing the company that sends you your bills and manages your account. It does not mean you are changing any gas lines, wires, meters or poles or the type, quality or reliability of the gas supply into your home. This will remain the same no matter which gas retailer you choose to supply your gas.

Whilst your gas supply remains the same, it is important to know that gas suppliers offer different plans, customer service levels, pricing and payment plans, hence it is important to compare your options. Using Moneyhound for gas comparisons will help you select a new gas provider based on your needs.

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Gas suppliers

There are a number of gas providers in Australia, but not all of them service every state and territory. Listed here are all the gas providers that we compare at Moneyhound to help you compare and make an informed decision about which gas provider you want to go with:

Alinta Energy
Aurora Energy
Australian Power & Gas
Country Energy
Dodo Power & Gas
Energy Australia
Kleenheat Gas
Lumo Energy
Origin Energy
Red Energy
Simply Energy
Tas Gas

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Moneyhound can help you find a great deal on gas and/or electricity in your suburb. Simply enter your post code to start seeing some great energy plans available in your suburb.



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