15 awesome things you can get for free online

Lauren Leisk, Yahoo7 Moneyhound Updated August 5, 2012, 12:00 am

We all love free stuff.

These are just a few freebies you can get online from time to time:

1. Free music

Want free music without being sued by the copyright police? Spotify has launched in Australia with a haul of millions of songs. This means you can now enjoy streaming legal music with their six-month free trial. There are also multiple websites that also offer free daily music tracks to download.

2. Free product samples

Paying attention to advertising can be worth it. Many brands give away free samples of their products if you like their Facebook page or participate in an online poll.

3. Free TV show tickets

Want to be part of the audience of your favourite television show? Enter your details on television network websites and cross your fingers. Channel Seven were recently taking free reservations for X-Factor audience tickets in the upcoming Sydney shows.

4. Free anti-virus software

Many leading malware software brands offer free 30 or 60-day product trials. This allows you to test the efficiency of the program and how well it runs on your computer without forking out any cash.

5. Free trash for treasure

Give away your unwanted goods and trade them in for an item that you actually want using popular public listing sites like OzRecycle and Gumtree.

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6. Free delivery

An abundance of online retailers are quickly learning that their consumers are more loyal to shopping with them if they're rewarded with free delivery on products. London's ASOS offers free delivery to Australia, and even some eBay sellers offer their customers free shipping and handling.

7. Free email account

Get a free and highly secure online email account to use whenever and where ever you are from Yahoo7

8. Free club entry

Don't like paying for nightclub entries? Just go to a venue or event's Facebook page and send your guest list RSVP to the promoters. If you enter the club by a certain time, you're guaranteed free entry – often with a glass of bubbly for the girls. Note: you must be 18 or over.

9. Free gym class

Sign up online for a free fitness trial class at Fitness First Online. All you need to enter are your contact deals.

10. Free 8GB online storage backup

Sign up for a free account with DropBox and you can start backing up 8GB worth of documents, photos and multimedia. It's an effective way to share files with selected friends, family and co-workers.

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11. Free recipes

Why pay money for hard copy recipe books when you can browse a gigantic cross-section of professional and user-submitted recipes on cooking websites? Yahoo7 Food boasts loads of them daily for you to try and test yourself.

12. Free credit report

D&B is offering a free credit report mailed to you within 10 days. Why pay for it when you can order it free of charge?

13. Free savings account

Online savings accounts are generally fee-free (no monthly servicing fee) and offer high-yielding interest rates. It's also a great way to stay on top of your finances and track spending. Compare all the saving account rates in market and find the best one at here.

14. Free job training

A lower employment rate and demand to fill certain industry positions has seen the government offering free retraining courses for eligible candidates. Apply if you're an existing worker or just entering the job market and are looking for a new work opportunity. Your Free Learning's 60-second quiz will tell you what free courses could be an option for you.

15. Free apps

Some of the best apps around are free including; Shazam: tag your favorite songs on the go. Viber: call and text your friends over WiFi for free. 7 News: get news info and video on the move. Hamish & Andy comedy gold podcast on the go.

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