Slash your broadband bill in 3 simple steps

Ryan O’Connor, Yahoo7 Moneyhound Updated December 28, 2011, 11:01 am

When was the last time you gave yourself a home utilities audit?

Take a good look at the expenses associated with mod cons like having gas, electricity, a phone, and the internet and maximise their cost effectiveness.

Most of us are able to find ways to reduce the cost of the majority of our household bills, but what about broadband? Here is a simple 3 step approach to cheaper internet at home and more money in your pocket each month.

1. Calculate your usage

Sounds simple enough, but have you ever looked at your usage history against your data allowance to work out just how much you are using? The majority of home internet users would find that they are well under the quota each month.

Just as accountants will look at historical financial activity to try and forecast a businesses’ performance for the future, so too can you to estimate how much data allowance is right for you, and ultimately find the most cost effective plan to be on.

2. What kind of user are you? Finding the right plan for the right type of user

Are you checking the odd email and doing some light surfing, or are you streaming content like YouTube videos and downloading large quantities of emails and attachments because you work from home?

Don’t just consider your internet usage in this equation. Do you make lots of local phone calls from your landline? Overseas calls? Do you watch Foxtel, or are a heavy mobile phone user? Most providers offer considerable savings when you bundle one or more products or services together

3. Compare, Ditch and Switch

Compare the right product for your usage type:

ADSL2+ - Broadband that uses the phone line. Fast and reliable, this is suitable for most households and is available in metropolitan areas across Australia.

Naked DSL - Broadband through the phone line, without a home phone service.

ADSL - Broadband through the phone line, slower and more expensive than ADSL2+ but available in regional areas.

Cable - Broadband through a dedicated cable, more expensive than ADSL2+ but very fast. Can be bundled with TV services like Foxtel.

Mobile broadband - Broadband through the mobile phone towers. Slower and more unreliable than fixed-line services like ADSL2+, this is an internet connection you can take anywhere.

Once you find the right product, review the Service Provider on Whirlpool to check out what their customers have to say about them, great reliability, service and support are important in receiving the best overall package. There would be no point switching to a provider for the sake of a few dollars in return for an unreliable connection and poor standards of customer service.

Before you make the switch, check that you are eligible to change providers (ditch your existing one) without breaking any contracts or paying any early exit fees, and if you are liable for these fees, weigh up the cost of leaving them versus the savings you will make by switching to the new provider!

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