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David Taylor

David Taylor is a finance reporter with the ABC. Before taking up a position with the ABC, David was a financial markets analyst and economics commentator.

He has over 10 years combined experience in both financial markets and the media. His career has seen him work as a stock broker, analyst, commentator and journalist.

He is currently in the UK. He will be acting as Yahoo!7 Finance's Europe Correspondent during his time overseas.

David holds an Economics degree (Syd. Uni), a postgraduate diploma in Applied Finance and Investment (Kaplan), and a graduate diploma in Journalism (UTS). He is also RG146 accredited.

The majority of his analysis and commentary centres around the idea that global money flows are inspired by market-sensitive international macroeconomic developments.

David believes achieving a comfortable level of financial security requires investors to take a keen interest in financial and economic developments both at home and overseas. His goal is to help you engage with this world through his writing and research.

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