iPhone 5: When and what to expect

Lauren Leisk, Yahoo!7 Moneyhound Updated August 10, 2012, 7:00 am

The Apple iPhone 5 is tipped to launch in August and tech enthusiasts are again salivating over what might be its newest specs and features.

This time around, the iPhone 5 will have to top the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the release of Android 4.1.

The latest rumours from Apple’s supply chain in China report the company may have brought iPhone 5’s release forward by two months to compete with the popularity of the S3.

But with 32 per cent of Australians already owning an Apple handset, what changes can be expected with the release of the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 will have a new look

Videos surfacing last month show a company in China working on what is reported to be the new housing for the iPhone 5. It showed a different material of matte-look metal or plastic and less of the glass seen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 just got bigger

At a time when all tech developments seem to be coming in smaller packages, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be slightly larger than its predecessors. The new casing shown in leaked video footage features a longer design and could confirm reports the end product will be 10.16cm long.

iPhone 5 wired for more sound

The housing appears to have holes over the speakers. They look to be more than double the size of the current mesh speakers on the iPhone 4S.

New charging system and wireless charge

If you have multiple charging sources for home, work and in the car, you could be up for replacing them if you purchase an iPhone 5. Reports point towards a smaller port hole on factory prototypes. Rumours of wireless charging capabilities are also based on recent publications of Apple patent applications. One of the latest Apple patents includes a docking station design for wireless inductive charging.

iPhone 5 to become mobile wallet

One of the most exciting rumours in tech circles focuses on the iPhone 5’s new near field communications (NFC) capability. Details have emerged from sources that have had access to Apple prototypes. This technology is expected to enable the iPhone 5 to be used as a “wave and pay” credit/debit device.

The new Passbook app, built into iOS 6, was considered the first step towards Apple’s mobile payments. The next development is expected to be software to securely process those payments. MasterCard is on board with Google for a similar idea incorporating Google Wallet.

Whatever your tech preferences, the new model of Australia’s most popular phone is expected to launch with as much anticipation as ever.

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