Tax return-friendly apps

Lauren Leisk, Yahoo!7 Moneyhound July 30, 2012, 6:51 pm

Make life easier with these hot apps that take the headache out of recording receipts, tracking expenses, learning tax terms, invoicing and tracking donations.

Shoeboxed Australia

RRP: Free

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 5.0 or later), Android (version 2.1 or later)

Simplify your expenses at tax time by entering your receipts as you go with Shoeboxed Australia. Just take a photo of your receipt and Shoebox will record dates, amount, payment type, vendor and category for you. It's one of the best ways to track your receipts in an organised manner and send expense reports straight from your iPhone or iPad. Users can also export expenses to MYOB, Excel, QuickBooks and CSV.


RRP: $1.99
Developer: Inertron Software

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 4.3 or later)

InerTrak is perfect for freelancers, designers, contract workers and lawyers who charge their clients on an hourly basis. Just by hitting start and stop, users can record the specific amount they charge and how long they've spent on that client to determine how much they should invoice for their work. Sync the data wirelessly to PC via InerTrak's desktop app (additional cost) and your invoices and GST are calculated for you for tax time.

Donation Tracker

RRP: $0.99
Developer: Cerulean Tech Creations

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.2 or later)

The Donation Tracker app allows users to track their donations made to charitable organisations throughout the year. Both cash and goods that are contributed throughout the year may be recorded. Essentially, it's very helpful for recording items donated to the Salvation Army or Vinnies – each item can be described, valued and photographed for tax purposes.


RRP: $8.49
Developer: A Squared Enterprises

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later)

myTax was developed by a chartered accountant in a bid to easily calculate various Australian tax liabilities within one app including: annual personal tax, PAYG, GST, FBT and salary sacrificing. The app also features a tax rates summary, loan calculator, pay calculator, BAS calculator and Capital Gains Tax calculator, plus the ability to generate printable PDF reports.

Trip Cubby

RRP: $2.99
Developer: App Cubby

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.1 or later)

Trip Cubby seamlessly logs your mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement purposes. It cleverly takes the time and tedium out of maintaining a paper mileage log by doing the hard work for you – there's auto-entry, predictive input, auto-calculation and quick access to frequent trips. And in just a few taps, you can search, sort and generate useful data reports that can be emailed.

Dictionary of Tax Terms

RRP: $2.99
Developer: Intersog

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.0 or later)

Do you have trouble understanding tax jargon? This app defines over 600 key terms from amortisation to marriage penalty and withholding tax, so you'll never have to guess a word again. It's a convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective way to have a tax reference tool in the palm of your hand.

There's no better moment to start streamlining the way you prepare for filing a mandatory tax return, so what are you waiting for?

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